Direct Ad Flight Offers Advertisers Premium, Direct Response Ads Served to a Captive and High-Value Audience with In-Flight Magazine Insertions


Direct Ad Flight Offers Advertisers Premium, Direct Response Ads Served to a Captive and High-Value Audience with In-Flight Magazine Insertions

Major advertisers can get in the hands of a higher-value demographic with card-stock insert advertising, featuring 27 million combined monthly impressions and a 1.2 million combined monthly circulation.

CARLSBAD, Calif., Monday, August 3, 2015 – DirectAdFlight, premium insertion advertising by Modern Postcard, has ad spots available for the November and December issues of American Way and Hemispheres magazines, the in-flight publications of American and United Airlines. With only 3 ad spots per magazine, space is limited to directly engage with millions of holiday travelers.

DirectAdFlight is a new advertising opportunity that puts brands in front of a captive audience that has immense purchasing power. Data shows that American and United passengers spend over $165 billion on purchases ranging from vacation, fashion, online shopping, jewelry, home furnishings, automobiles, dining and perfume/colognes. For advertisers and brands in these key markets, DirectAdFlight offers an exclusive position of a 2-sided, postcard stock insert ad with detachable coupon. The high-quality paper stock stands out in the magazine, so it opens right to the DirectAdFlight. And, with only 3 ads available on the sheet, each ad commands strong attention.

"DirectAdFlight brings together the best of print advertising and direct response tactics,” says Christopher Foster, VP Business Development. “For advertisers who are looking to reach a high-value demographic with a response vehicle in their promotions, we have the solution."

As a Millward Brown global research study states, neurostudies show that physical media such as print and direct mail leaves a deeper footprint on the human brain than the virtual. Adding an interactive response element to physical media is a way to more deeply connect with buyers. Plus, the demographic of the these airline travelers are ideal for media planners and buyers: $124k household income, 68% holding a bachelor’s degree, and flying a combined 157.5 million passengers to America’s top designated market areas (equivalent to flying half the entire US population in just 10 markets).

"I've been associated with media planning and buying for over 30 years," says Executive Partner Terry Kollman of Charter Direct Marketing, "and in my experience, DirectAdFlight is the perfect way for advertisers to generate impressions to a highly-coveted upscale audience. Because it's a bound insert, the magazine flips right open to the ads; and the card stock and print quality of the insert reflects the high quality of the advertiser."

With the holiday travel season coming up, DirectAdFlight gives advertisers the opportunity to promote their brands and tangibly engage with an audience that spends.

About DirectAdFlight
Insert advertising into in-flight magazines. Brought to you by Modern Postcard, DirectAdFlight places premium ads in front of a captive upscale audience. The unique format has 3 ad spots on a high-quality, 8pt card stock with 2-sided printing and perforated, detachable Offer, inserted into in-flight magazines of American and United Airlines. Visit DirectAdFlight to download a media kit and learn more.

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